The Books & Songs

The Books & Songs

Mudgy & Millie

Published 2008

Mudgy Moose and Millie Mouse play a game of hide-and-seek. Millie hides while Mudgy searches for her along the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene. Children join in the fun as Mudgy wanders along the lake, across town, and through the park in his quest to find Millie, who was hiding close by all the time.

Enjoy listening to the story read by author Susan Nipp and sing along with Mudgy.

Mudgy & Millie Adventures: Australia

Published 2018

Mudgy Moose and Millie Mouse hop into their hot air balloon in Idaho and float to Australia looking for boomerangs. They meet amazing animals on their search and end up dancing, eating, and throwing boomerangs at the Billabong Bash.

Enjoy listening to the story read by author Susan Nipp and sing along with Mudgy

Mudgy & Millie Adventures: Costa Rica

Published 2019

Mudgy and Millie are taking off again in their hot air balloon – this time for an ADVENTURE in Costa Rica to search for colorful birds and unique rainforest animals. After a bumpy landing in the treetops they meet Tico Toucan who is frantic about his upcoming Musical Extravaganza. The birds cannot rehearse because the howler monkeys keep making too much noise! Mudgy and Millie find the monkeys and solve the problem which brings harmony back to the rainforest.

Enjoy listening to the story read by author Susan Nipp and sing along with Mudgy.

Mudgy & Millie Adventures: Africa

Published 2021

Mudgy and Millie excitedly head off in their hot air balloon for an ADVENTURE in Africa. When they finally land in Zimbabwe, they are greeted by incredible animals. But a frantic interruption occurs when Zibber Zebra runs up to say Zebber is stuck in the waterhole and needs help. The animals push and pull but nothing works. With clever thinking, Millie jumps into action and frees Zebber. A Rhymerdance celebration begins with enthusiastic rhymes and rhythms. Readers can energetically follow along with the motions to the poems.

Enjoy listening to the story read by author Susan Nipp.

Mudgy & Millie Adventures: Hawaii

Published 2023

Mudgy and Millie lift high into the sky in their hot air balloon and head to Hawaii for an ADVENTURE under the sea. They can’t wait to see one special fish with a very long name – the humuhumunukunukuapua’a. When they arrive at the islands, Honu the sea turtle takes them underwater to see a beautiful new world where they meet Humuhumu. But there is a problem. All the fish are very distressed. Spot the pufferfish is frightening everyone because he thinks there is something strange in the cave. Humuhumu takes Mudgy and Millie to investigate and they make a surprising discovery. After the mystery is solved, Honu takes Mudgy and Millie to a festive celebration on the beach with a luau, hula, and fun in the waves.

Mudgy & Millie's Friends

Susan Nipp, Author

Susan Nipp co-created Wee Sing, an award-winning series of children’s books, CDs, and videos, in 1977. Forty years later Wee Sing has sold millions of copies, entertaining children, parents, and teachers throughout the world. Susan had the inspiration for Mudgy & Millie while hiking through the forest near her home overlooking Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Charles Reasoner, Illustrator

Chuck Reasoner has been creating and illustrating best-selling children’s books for over forty years. Chuck’s imaginative and fun-filled illustrations are colorful evidence of his belief that reading stimulates a child’s creativity. Chuck brought Mudgy & Millie to life in his studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

Terry Lee, Sculptor

Terry Lee is an internationally recognized sculptor and painter, acclaimed for his colorful wildlife oils and large bronzes. He is represented in private collections and galleries throughout the country. Terry has given dimension to Mudgy & Millie in the form of five life-size bronze sculptures to be found on the Mudgy Moose Trail in Coeur d’Alene, Terry’s hometown.

About the Publisher

Figpickels Press has been the proud publisher of the Mudgy & Millie books since 2011 and is a division of Figpickels Toy Emporium located in beautiful downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Figpickels has been delighting tourists and locals since opening in 2005 and is recognized as one of the nation’s premier independent toy stores specializing in fantastic displays, unique toy programming, and innovative marketing. In addition to promoting Mudgy & Millie school readings with the Mudgy mascot, local teachers and students have benefited from Figpickels’ educational initiatives such as The Great Northwest Airplane Contest, juggling/kendama workshops, involvement in the high school music/photography departments, leading after-school enrichment programs, and supporting “Invent Idaho.” For additional information, visit